Working from the inside out, the It Takes Courage! life skills curriculum help youth to discover a vision for their lives, build healthy relationships, make wise choices and prevent behaviours that lead to HIV/AIDS, unintended pregnancy, violence and substance abuse.  Our curriculum is positive and focuses on a wholistic development approach, encouraging growth in each dimension of a person’s life – physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual. And, we teach a specific set of life skills to help youth to successfully implement what they are learning in the classroom.  At the heart of the curriculum is our passion to teach 15 core character traits and the courage it takes to do the right thing when it is not easy or popular.

In partnership with TWR, on of the world’s largest radio broadcasting organisations, the exact same curriculum concepts come to life in Grandma’s Village, a 32 programme series based with stories from a fictitious African village where Grandma is raising two grandchildren because their parents died from AIDS.  The programme is available on mobile players or for use as a radio drama series; we also offer materials to support a discussion group strategy (link from here to radio drama tab).