It Takes Courage! Curricula Overview

It Takes Courage! is a multi-tiered educational strategy designed to build healthy relationships, increase student achievement and reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and other behaviourally-driven health problems.  Youth need to be inspired to choose well and opportunities to learn and practice skills to carry out their positive choices and with It Takes Courage! we work on those things from the inside out.  The entire It Takes Courage! program promotes the courage to build into our lives the core character traits that lead to healthy relationships and successful employment.

The program focuses on training leaders to engage youth in meaningful ways as they use our 16-lesson It Takes Courage! youth curriculum, Grandma’s Village, a 32-program oral drama series, and It Takes Courage! community youth rallies, to focus on four key areas:  1) Creating a Vision for Life, 2) Building Healthy Relationships, 3) Making Wise Decisions, 4) Preventing and caring for those with HIV/AIDS.

The program includes educational and training for educators, youth workers, faith community leaders, parents and youth. And, in a unique partnership with TWR (formerly Trans World Radio), one of the world’s largest radio broadcast companies, an educational media strategy that can reach entire communities.

The materials are specifically designed for international use – simple teaching strategies, significant use of storytelling and illustrations and adaptable messages for different age groups. The educational products are available in faith-based versions and secular versions and have been widely used in USAID funded projects, public school settings and in local churches.