Peer-to-Peer Youth Rallies

It Takes Courage! comes alive at the community level as peers who have gone through the It Takes Courage! Youth Curriculum lessons plan and conduct a one-day community youth rally. Usually sponsored by local communities these rallies target youth and educators from local secondary schools to attend. Planned and executed by the youth, these events include music, drama and 5 illustration lessons from the curriculum.  It is a time to encourage peers to heal from life’s trauma’s and poor choices, and to start anew.  Peers will find other peers on the road to making healthy lifestyle choices that lead to success.

To find out how you can attend an ITC! Youth Rally, contact Thando Sikonkwane.

Join us on the It Takes Courage! South Africa Facebook page! (Click HERE) to join our FACEBOOK PAGE. This is a group page for all who have participated in an It Takes Courage! events.